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Naked Nice Cream / Smoothie 

Quantity: 1 pint


Enjoy our guilt free Naked Nice Cream at home with yourself or your family!

You deserve it!

No sugar added, so you won't even feel guilty for finishing a whole tub!

In fact it is even good for you! Basically, you're fulfiling your daily fresh fruits intake in the most exciting form ever! Scoop it out into a bowl or have it straight from the tub as a breakfast or meal replacement!


Add $3 for toppings of fresh fruits and our homemade *sugar free* granola!



(100% pure fruits only, 0% sugar, No seeds or nuts, Dairy free, Gluten Free, No emulsifier, thickener and preservatives)


Optional Toppings: (+$3) Homemade Organic Oats Coconut Granola (sugar free)


*Strongly recommended:-

  • For breakfast- first meal of the day should be as simple as possible.
  • No lethargy and food coma
  • for dessert on hot days
  • for unhappy days


Select Flavours:

  • Pitaya Glow: Bananas, Red Dragonfruit
  • Passion Island: Banana, Mango, Fresh Turmeric
  • Fall in Cacao: Banana, Organic Cacao Powder


How to store:

  • KEEP IN FREEZER for up to a month

NAKED Nice Cream

  • How to store:

    - Keep in freezer for 2 - 3 weeks(depending on how u often u open your freezer)

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