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Set of 8 dumplingsTo be honest, our inspiration from this dish came from wanting to make these dumplings as close to the ones we were familiar with as much as possible…No processed vegan meats, we make our own “bak Chor” filling using organic tofu and mushroom! Then to make it easier for us gut wise, we decided to use gluten free rice paper to wrap them and tadaa! You got yourself a delicious, rare find!  gluten free vegan dumplings! Top it off with our homemade pink ACV pickled organic ginger (coloured w red dragonfruit) and pair with our hand pounded Chili sauce and our lives has changed ever since!Ingredients:Organic tofu, chemical free mushroom, organic soy sauce*no alliums**pls do not reheat as it’s of rice paper. If wanting to consume later and find dumpling skin has dried up a little, just add drops of water onto dried areas or oil until it’s moist and softened again. 

Mama’s Veggie GF Dumplings

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