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Our Story

" handmade from scratch
organic garden-to-table
celebrate local
innovative and unique "


The Breakfast Club was never meant to be a business.

After taking countless prescribed western pills for acne, eczema, hives, UTI, fever, flu, alopecia, one day they suddenly stopped working. I recall clearly the doctor sent me home saying he was out of ways for my UTI even though it was hurting so bad!


Desperate, I started to do my own research and discovered Markus Rothkranz who wrote a free ebook, Heal Yourself 101 and taught people how to heal with natural food! I've always heard the phrase "You are what you eat." but never really thought much of it. Reflecting, I was on a typical Singapore Diet: going to the hawker center almost 3 meals a day. It was no wonder illnesses started to surface coupled with the stress I was feeling living in a fast paced city.


I jumped right into it the next day. I had to tell my family the sudden news that I couldn't eat with them for the next few days. No processed food; just pure simple fruits and vegetables. No meat, no flour too. Just 5 days in and I felt amazing, for the first time in my life, I had no new breakouts, skin was less itchy, I had a clearer mind and better mood! 

I continued after 5 days aiming to eat this way for 30 days total... my family by now was very worried and couldn't understand this 'thing' i was doing. I was losing weight even though I was already underweight and it was a concept that they just couldn't comprehend (8 years ago). I was determined to listen to myself this time and go ahead with my life experiment... what's the worst that could happen? I could just fall back into my old ways if this didn't work out.


nd VOILA! By the 30th day, all my illnesses were gone. My weight came back up to normal too! I felt reborn - not just physically but mentally too! For the first time, I made a decision FOR MYSELF, even though my diet was going against social norms 8 years ago. I realised, omg the "society" doesn't know all the answers to my problems, neither do my parents! I had to believe in myself! 


I was ready to make this my life's mission and wanted to share this with the world! That if you had a chronic illness that cant be healed by western advanced methods, you could consider going back to good ol' simple elements- pure sun, good food and water. 


Many friends and family who were inspired, asked about my experience cos they too wanted to heal and I was happy to share. But most told me it was too much info to learn and some said they had no time- so they asked if they could gimme some money and I could prep these healing meals for them! And so i agreed! Soon, word spread and my partner, Martin encouraged me to open it up to everyone to help even more people, and tadaa, begins The Breakfast Club!

My aim is to show people how healthy food can be fun and delish too! Actually, that was the original way, before industrialization! 

Why "The Breakfast Club?"

When word started spreading about what I was doing, my friends and family started to ask me to open up a web page or Instagram account so I could share what I was doing instead. They were tired of repeating themselves, kinda like my brand ambassador! Hmmm now, I had to come up with a name. Back then, I only offered breakfast, and so I decided on the name "The Breakfast Club" because of the same named old classic movie. I loved that movie - to me, it was about strangers from different backgrounds coming together and at first, everyone judged one another based on what they wore or how they talked and then slowly they overcame conflict and opened up by sharing their vulnerable life stories. This brought about understanding and acceptance of one another and eventually they became good friends.


Having gone through this health food journey, I've also met many who'd criticized my ways and told me I was not doing it right. Hence, I wanted to create a community and safe space where people could come together and talked about what the alternative things that they liked, where they won't be judged and there was mutual support!

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