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No anxiety. Find your answers here!

Frequently asked questions by our customers. We hope it answers most of your queries, if not click on the chat button!


  • Every Friday, 12pm to 2pm

  • Delivery by zone, so no selection of timing

Dining In

  • We only take reservations, no walk-ins as we specially prepare meals for those who have reserved!

*Do note that dine-ins are not available until further notice!

Self Collection

  • Self Collection at our TBC Home

  • Friday, 12pm - 3pm

Reheating & Storage

  • Personal Choice, our meals are best eaten at room temperature

  • Dumplings cannot be reheated as they're made of rice paper

  • You can reheat your lunch in our takeaway containers in the oven, 170 deg cel, 5-8mins

  • Steam in a pot of water (highly recommended) until hot (about 5-10mins)

  • We don't recommend microwaves due to its harsh nature and controversial radiation emission


Toxic Free

  • We are 100% vegan - we don't use any animal products or byproducts

  • Organic - we use as much organic produce from local or regional farms as much as we can

  • Toxic Free - we use organic dry stuff from rice, sugar, and salt to soy sauce and cooking oils

  • Natural over processed - We make all our sauces from scratch with organic ingredients only;

  • As our biz priority is your health, we do not use mock/processed vegan meats


  • We are not halal certified but we're 100% vegan, no use of any animal products or byproducts.

Allium Free options

  • We have some dishes that have allium free options. Please write to us for more information.

Home Based

  • We are a home based vegan business with options for takeaway and dining in. Dine-ins at our home must be booked in advance on our site, here: 


  • Where can we get protein on a vegans diet? Contrary to popular belief, we can get proteins from vegetables. Like herbivorous animals like the cows, they get their protein from consuming plants. 

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