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"to health and happiness"

An all vegan CNY lunch reunion


Come with friends and loved ones for an afternoon of exciting food, laughter and share your new hopes for the lunar new year.

We've innovated and created lots of our own vegan specialties, using the finest organic ingredients! You'd be able to enjoy our Papaya "Sashimi" Yusheng, followed by our special Soy Milk Hotpot, Tofu Caramelized Char Siew, Pineapple Tart Nice Cream and more amazing fare.

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“Sea of Longevity”

Keep the longevity of seas with our papaya sashimi - marinated w seaweed and baked to perfect chewiness. And unlike traditional Yeesang, we make ours with organic plum sauce, naturally coloured pickles, lots of fresh organic vegetables and top it with crunchy GF baked rice crackers & fragrant toasted sesame seeds. May you enjoy abundance of health and happiness!

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Tofu Char Siew

We make our own char siew marinade with organic 5 spice powder, MSG free organic soy sauce, calcium sulphate free organic tofu and slow roast it on low heat, basting it every 30 mins until the tofu juices and sauce caramelise to form a delicious concoction that’s tasty AF. May you enjoy abundance of health and happiness!

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Soy Milk Hot Pot (Tonyu Nabe) 豆乳鍋 - Okonomi Kitchen.jpg
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Soy Milk Hotpot

Adding soy milk to the broth brings a flavor and creaminess that makes a boring vegan hot pot amazing! Come enjoy some sweet organic veggies and mushrooms in our claypot/glass pots - yummy!

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