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This Month's Theme

November theme:

Singapore x Japan Autumn Izakaya


Vegan Omakase Set Menu

(Chef's Choice, Seasonal)


Menu never fixed, depends on my inspiration and what's available ;)

*Can cater to your food allergies, let us know in advance*

*Garden to table, organic and local as much as possible

As I've just finished a long trip in Japan that included traveling and a 3 month volunteer stint with a commune where I learnt how to farm organically and make Japanese food the slow and natural way. I also am inspired by their Izakaya culture - where friends get together to bond over food and drinks. It is now autumn time in Japan and I would like to present to you our Autumn Izakaya Menu. 


Autumn here is lots of "oden", chestnuts and slowing down to enjoy the beautiful transformation of green to red.


This month's menu is my personal take on Singapore + Japanese fusion Izakaya vibes. We hope you'll have a relaxing time here!

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